Play Badugi Poker for Fun and Profit


Hello, my name is Jesse Walker, I’m a professional poker player and I admit it, I’m a bad fanatic. I play badugi for many reasons but the bottom line is that it is a fun and profitable game of poker that is not difficult to learn to play. So what beats what again in poker? A full house beats a flush and a flush beats a straight. Right?

Well not in badugi! Badugi starts from the ground up and re-invents the entire game of poker 오바마카지노.

In bad you get four cards instead of five.
Badugi is a type of lowball, meaning that you are trying to make the lowest hand possible.
The best type of hand in badugi is, strangely enough, called a “badugi”. It is a card of different suites with no pairs.
So you are trying to make a rainbow hand: one heart, one club, one spade and one diamond with no cards paired.
Straits don’t count against you.
You get three draws to make the best hand you can.
So you can see that if you are used to Texas hold’em, or 7-card stud, you can’t just skip the badugi tables and hold your own. I know this, and you know this, but, (and here is the fun part) your opponents don’t know this!

They just hop into the game because they never heard of it before and they are curious. I played a badugi tournament a while ago where I didn’t know you were allowed to draw! I played a cash game which I thought was playing a pot of omaha and I couldn’t understand why there weren’t any community cards being dealt! Suffice it to say that it hasn’t yet figured out the game. This is a great opportunity for you to show and how to play (for a price!) As the economists say; ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

Where to play? Well there is not much in the way of live play. A few card rooms in Vegas offer bad loss as part of high stakes mixed games. But unless you are a millionaire looking to donate to the poker elite that probably won’t interest you. Badugi was part of the World Series of Poker in 2011. So if you have WSOP aspirations you may play it there someday.

Far and away the quickest and the main place to play bad luck is online (and yes there are options for US players).

A third option is to create your own home game. Learn the rules of badugi and invite your 4 or 5 best friends over for beers and a friendly game. My first badugi party was a big hit. Newer players liked it because they didn’t feel like they were at disadvantage to the more experience holders and stud players.

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