What is a Money Game in Golf? Better Golf Through Betting


The first time a golfer ever bet on a golf game was quite likely the first golf game ever played. Betting has an important place in the game of golf, more so than any other game. Money games are justified as being a way to focus and bear down.

Lee Trevino, the scrappy Tex Mex who grew up poor and earned a living hustling rich guys on private courses was once asked about the pressure he felt when he was putting for the lead in a major. “Heck that’s not pressure” he replied “pressure is making a $50 bet when you only have $35 in your pocket”.

So if a golf money game is a way to focus your game then golfers have literally a hundred ways to focus. There are probably a dozen really popular games and then dozens of local variations on those games.

The Nassau is probably the most popular of all golf money games เกมส์ได้เงินจริง. Basically the Nassau is three separate bets in the same game. There is a prize for winning the front nine, a prize for the back nine and a prize for best overall score. You can play it as individuals or as teams. Another popular variation is mixed teams. A foursome starts out with 2 teams and then switches partners after the sixth and twelfth holes. The individual player who wins the most holes as a team player wins the bet.

Skins have always been popular and have been made even more so by the PGA special Skins event. In skins the objective is to win the hole. If two players tie, the hole is a push and the “skin” is carried forward making the next hole worth 2 skins. When you’ve got four or five skins carried over, three foot putts for the win can become real knee knockers.

While most games are played for what seems like a small amount of money like 25 cent skins or a $2 Nassau, the amounts can add up.

For example my foursome is one of six that plays as a group each Saturday. Within the foursome we play a skins game and have a $2 birdie bet on the 14th hole which is the easiest par four. In addition to that I have a Nassau bet with one of the players in the foursome. That same player has “most birdies” bet with six other players in the group.

Then of course there are the group bets; closest to the pin on the par threes, low net score, and best team score. With 24 participants that usually amounts to about $575 in payouts. We really ought to issue 1099s to some of the top winners.

So a money game and the strategy that goes with it is really an integral part of the game and usually results in equal parts elation and frustration.

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