Creativity and Innovation Management – Good Ideas Part 1


The constant search for Good Ideas has resulted in many techniques for producing them. Part 1 of Good Ideas will briefly discuss Franklin’s (2003) research into the kinds of thoughts which are likely to succeed.

The investigation investigated the types of ideas that had been most successful previously. Six types had been described:

A) Need spotting – where people would consciously find a requirement and try to resolve it มือถือ

B ) remedy recognizing – where the procedure was already known and also the individual went outside trying to find an issue to apply it into (e.g. laser technology has been applied to audio, resulting in compact disc’s and DVD’s).

C) market-research – notions created as a result of demands establishing through general market trends.

D) Random event – minutes of serendipity when folks encounter answers that they weren’t on the lookout for.

Cellular ) Mental invention – pure random thoughts without a preceding familiarity with the way that they may be implemented. An approximate case in point is Einstein’s E=mc squared.

F) development after – ideas that resulted in following crowd.

Of each of the above, a haphazard event generated the highest success rate and lowest failure rate.

Answer recognizing – that is, with existing knowledge and trying problems to apply it scored an 87.5% achievement rate and a 12.5% failure rate.

The conclusions are all, in fact, available to interpretation. It is possible to increase the likelihood of arbitrary occasions occurring but it seems the most manageable and concrete process of picking out powerful ideas (in accordance with the theory alone) is always to use established wisdom and competencies and search out domain names at which it could be applied.

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