Why a Casino Does Not Know How to Effectively Use Their Player Tracking System


All too frequently the talk around the advertising department is how bad the”system” is. “we can not get any information,””That module never really functioned,””Our service never calls us ” and”We weren’t trained.” Believe it or not, most of these excuses are valid and true. True yes, but don’t assume the culprit may be that the seller.

It’s really a two way street and even though epidemic starts as ancient as the initial sales trip, it continues during the entire setup life cycle. As a way to insure your player tracking system is employed to its fullest, check to see if these symptoms are plaguing your advertising section.

1. I used ton’t pay attention during training.

How honest can you be? Is that right, you are being paid for trained on a system you’ll work with on a daily basis, nevertheless, you simply failed to give attention to that day. “I simply kept getting pulled manner during training” HAPPYLUKE , associates believe their job is far more significant than spending time listening, taking notes and utilizing all of the roles the trainer is moving up to execute their task. Let us not omit the”I figured someone else would reveal me after” clique. Incredibly, a multimillion-dollar database investment does not command the same attention as a potluck from the break room.

2. The set up team relied heavily on the casino to answer the issue:

“What would you really need to understand?”

Even though training and install teams possess a stiff group of technical procedures and lesson plans, they frequently work and train on multiple shifts and with several departments. Hence their”canned” lesson plans and agendas are put on the backburner as veteran casino employees’ influence the training session by soliciting,”Show me just the new stuff.” And disrupting with”That will not connect with our jurisdiction.” All too often the trainers are drowsy, have gone all their material and are just as eager to speed things up.

3. At a certain point over time throughout the first install, the priorities shifted from learning how the device to”Let us just get this up and functioning ”

With the esteem of timing lines, frustrated guests along with continuing daily operating approaches being hauled upward, someone ultimately makes the telephone,”We’ll become trained on the fly with the live platform, let us only make our guests contented and receive their points back!” Obviously what happens two weeks in the future? (Suggestion, see reason number 2 & 1 ).

4. Upgrade after upgrade is still installed.

Once the machine is operating and every crew member feels comfortable working with it, together features version 2.0 – the”enhancement”,”feature” or”upgrade”. This is often a multitude of things, a bug fix, an upgrade to the operating platform, a new communications protocol, all very valid reasons to put in the upgrade. This is the issue, no more are your keystrokes the exact same, now another screen arises, or you’ve got a new hardware conflict. Ordinarily this is solved using just a small training. . .and we discover how well everybody pays attention to training.

5. Through not fault of the casino, however, the first team onboard throughout the installment has proceeded up, moved on, or moved out.

Nearly all people who were participated during the initial setup or authentic upgrade are no longer near. This may be attributed to natural attrition, promotion, inter-departmental moves or they couldn’t stand another day dealing together with their brand new participant monitoring system.

6. The customer support department can not answer my questions.

Your vendors have natural attrition, especially in their own customer service sections. Agents embracing the phones are not necessarily the savviest and quite frankly are tasked using a multitude of tasks, from logging calls, research, verifying files and software variants. Your seller utilizes still another vendor’s database program to track, monitor and profile requirements; this really is one way they keep the product lifecycle moving to justify new upgrades and features and heck, maybe they were tied up in practice.

7. The Casino signed off on the installment before ensuring the”punch list” was complete.

Employees said they were trained (that potluck was becoming cold), the brand new modules seemed to work, but once they went”live” the hardware wasn’t communication to the applications and also perhaps the casino never tried to print from three stations simultaneously. Some times it comes down to departments just not communication with eachother.

Think it or not, it helps to own a consultant in place to keep the casino requesting the appropriate questions and to hold liable.

8. What the salesman offered is perhaps not just what the casino purchased.

Knock us all over with a feather. What happened to people easy to perform customized reports, promotional coupons, bar code scanning options, easy NCOA (National Change of Address)uploads and a one-card database method? But with due respect to this company improvement team at each companythey start the sales process with a single point of touch and they end it with another. See number 10. Additionally, by the time pen becomes put to paper, this alternative party vendor can’t keep in touch with this particular third party vendor.

9. Reports, Reports, reports.

The largest reason you decided to put in a player tracking system would be to track your own players. Butnow you are figuring out, the info isn’t for sale in only one report, nor does exactly 1 section have access to conduct a certain report. I have seen DNA strands more complicated which wanting to figure out the flow chart of who gets the rights to conduct cross legged reports. Let’s face it, the canned reports are cumbersome, difficult to interpret and infrequently are read on a regular basis. Ofcourse you always have the option to use Report Writer, Crystal Reports, down load into an Access Database or upgrade to version 2.0. However, come to think about it, who is going to read those manuals when training is only a plane ride away?

10. The moment your CFO is happy, someone made a grave mistake.

The moment you witness your CFO and General Counsel”High-fiving” every other at the employee cafeteria and there’s no potluck scheduled, it is a sure signal someone renegotiated the contract to:

A. Reduce the monthly care fee.

B. Conserve the 24-hour customer-service clause.
C. Receive one canned report filled with infinity.

D. Each of the above

1 1. There’s entirely too much discussion about what’s wrong with the system, not emphasizing what’s great with the platform.

It’s the old adagethat the best player tracking system out there is the main one you just left or the one you’re only installing. Thus much negativity is placed on comparing system functions from your final property or your last upgrade. If greater favorable emphasis was placed on the improvements, the simplicity of surgery and even the up time, then you’d spend less time in training and more hours with moments at your next pot luck!

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